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St James Three Pillars

The St. James Three Pillars Feeding the Homeless feeds and supports homeless people and most vulnerable in Northampton. A Freemason based charity in conjunction with many members of the public, local businesses and St. James Church . 

We supply food to people in Northampton on a Tuesday and Friday evening from 6pm until 8pm. Currently we are regularly feeding over 230 people each week.

 Food Bank, hot drinks, toiletries, sanitary items for the ladies, sleeping bags, tents when needed, all clothing, dog food, are all provided free of charge, when available.

A Welfare Team is also on hand to help with both social and physical health needs.

St. James Three Pillars began serving those in need on the 10th. January 2023 and continues to seek ways of improving and serving the growing number of those accessing the service. The upgraded electrical work in our kitchen has now been completed and we have had a generous donation of two, practically new, ovens, hot serving counter and mobile hot drinks station and our kitchen upgrade can now go ahead over the next three weeks.

Three Pillars Community Card

Our Friends now have the opportunity to join the Three Pillars Community, which is essential for them to access the foodbank - all other services provided do not require membership. Upon registering, our Friends completed a questionnaire providing information such as living situation, household size, gender, age and ethnicity. There are two purposes for this: 

1. Ensure we are appropriately providing for them (eg. If they are a family of 4, appropriate portions of items will be given or if they are registered as living in temporary housing, they cannot receive a tent). 

2. Allow us to apply for grants which require information on gender, ethnicity and age of those accessing our services. 

As with any change, it will take some time for us and our Friends to get used to, but this is a positive step in the right direction to ensure our Friends are supported as best they can be. 

 🟧Amazon Wishlist (Items we need for the Food Bank)🟧

We appreciate that it’s not always easy to get to us with donated items, so where possible, items have been added to our Amazon wishlist where you can purchase them online and have them delivered direct to us saving you a journey.
If you can help by donating the above items, drop off times are between 2:30pm and 8pm Tuesday and Friday at St James Church, Northampton, NN5 5LE.

If you would like to help with a donation please contact Aaron on the number below.

St James Three Pillars would like to thank Farmfoods, St. James, Northampton, for all their donations & FairShare who help with donations from Tesco Stores and also Booker Wholesale.   

Volunteers are always welcome, please contact Aaron on 07989421764  to offer your services.