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Friday - National Happiness and Forgiveness Day 

7th. October 2022

Today we pray for those living in St. James Mill Road, Lincoln Road, Corran Close, Chepstow Court and those working in Harvey Reeve Road.

Please pray for all those involved in the Ukrainian War

especially all those injured and killed


This morning I will kindle the fire

upon my hearth,

before the holy angels

who stand about my path.

God, a love-flame kindle in my heart

to neighbours all,

to foe, to friend, to kindred,

to brave, to knave, to thrall.

O son of lovely Mary,

from the lowliest thing on earth,

to the Name that highest is and

of the greatest worth,

we bless and praise you. Amen

Evening ;

O Lord,

defend us from all dangers and also from the fear of them tonight.

Grant us grace, not only to rest our bodies,

but to have spiritual repose,

in soul and conscience,

in your grace and love,

so we might be comforted and eased in all ways.

And since no day passes that I do not sin in so many ways,

please bury all my offences in your mercy,

that I might not lose your presence.

Forgive me for Jesus’s sake.

Finally, grant us grace always to live

in such a state that we may never be afraid to die;

so that, living and dying, we may be yours,

through the merits and satisfaction of your Son Christ Jesus,

in whose name we offer up these our imperfect prayers. Amen.

(Tim Keller)


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