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The Home Group meets alternate Wednesday at 7.30pm.

We are studying the second part of The Acts of the Apostles, all are welcome to join us at any time.

For Details of how to join us contact or call 07957889518.

(Click Image below for Study Booklet)

Wednesday 3rd. November

Acts 13 & 14 : Paul's First Missionary Journey

Wednesday 17th. November

 Acts 15 : Conflict in the Church

Wednesday 1st. December

 Acts 16 : What Must I Do?


Wednesday 12th. January

New Year Meal

Acts 17 : An Unkown God

Wednesday 26th. January

Acts 18 : Companions in Ministry

Wednesday 9th. February

Acts 19 - 20:1-12 : In the Name of Jesus

Wednesday 23rd. February

Acts 20:13-38 : Paul's Farewell

Wednesday 9th. March

Acts 21 - 22-21 : Facing Opposition

Wednesday 23rd. March

Acts 22:22-23-35 : God at Work

Wednesday 6th. April

Acts 24 - 25-12 : Falsely Accused


Wednesday 4th. May

Acts 25:13-26:32 : Testimony Before Agrippa

Wednesday 18th. May

Acts 27-28 : Paul in Rome